Property Management Lease Forms in Montgomery County, Maryland (MD)

County laws have specific language, which must be included in the lease. Each municipality (Gaithersburg, Rockville, Takoma Park, etc.) has its own laws and lease requirements for rental properties. In some cases Federal law requires additional specific language to be added to leases.

Thirty years ago the one page lease form obtainable from office supply stores was sufficient. Now the use of such primitive agreements is a violation of law and can have very expensive consequences for a landlord.

In Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) we have several different 10+ page leases each of which must be used in different conditions. We have leases for Condominiums, Co-op, The City of Rockville, The City of Gaithersburg, etc. On top of these different leases there are many separate addendum’s which must be added to the lease when special conditions apply.

If the rental property is located in a neighborhood where a homeowner association applies, then a copy of any rules and regulations affecting a tenancy must be delivered to the tenant before they sign the lease form.

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